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  • Benteke?
    Not sure where else to post this, and it's kind of Lukaku-related.I really like Benteke, think he'd be a great fit. Seems to have a 1 in 2 or 3 ratio, strong as an ox and great in the air, which I think Koeman likes for a centre forward.If we're goin...
  • Kingsley Coman
    Just posting this here because we don't have a proper transfer thread yet but does anyone thing Kingsley Coman might be signable?Looks like Bayern aren't taking up their option and Juve probably won't want him back if they can cash in, would probably ...
  • John Terry's mum
    Oh my fucking god! Surely its not her?
  • Joey Barton
    Banned for 18 months for breaching gambling rules.I presume Burnley had a get out clause when they signed him.
  • Newcastle and West Ham raided by HMRC
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